MAM: Something better change

Pic: socialist worker

The issue of racism has been difficult to ignore of late. Dominating politics, social media and the media at large. We have been told Black Lives Matter. Home Secretary Priti Patel shared her experiences of personal racism in the House of Commons. And so on.

Incensed by the issue of racism (again). I have experienced racism at school, university and in the workplace. Back then I joined every movement going – anti-nazi league (ANL), anti-Iraq war and so on. Nothing changed then, disappointingly.

Here we are again 20 years later but worse. The racism is institutional. I decided to carry out my own experiment last week and pitch my comment piece on tokenism in the British media. I had no response from the Guardian (yet).

The Huffpost said they were already writing something similar. An NUJ publication (who was looking for someone BAME, based in Yorkshire – I technically don’t live in Yorkshire – but it was worth a try).

That particular NUJ publication wanted someone to write about BAME individuals failing to reach senior positions in the media. I wasn’t successful there either. All wished me the best of luck in trying “to place” my opinion piece. I did eventually place the piece in my own blog!

To quote the icon 1970s rock-punk band the Stranglers. Something Better Change.

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