MAM: Our Friends In The North

HS2 was bad enough, but HS3? Dire! I sadly watched (on Sky news) the prime minister Boris Johnson confirm the go ahead for the “HS projects” in the House of Commons.

Not only could the money – £100 billion (or whatever the ridiculous figure is) be better spent on improving the National Health Service or other key services. Furthermore, HS2 will destroy the local wildlife! Why not improve the existing services? Rant over.

My inbox was inundated with comments from PR companies and disgruntled organisations berating this go-ahead.

“Nikki Williams, The Wildlife Trusts’ director of campaigns and policy, says:

“Nature is paying too high a price for HS2. We urged the Government to re-consider in the light of The Wildlife Trusts’ report which evidenced the serious risk that HS2 poses to nature – and to take notice of over 66,000 people who wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to review HS2. Today’s announcement means that it is more critical than ever that the whole project is redesigned – before HS2 creates a scar that can never heal.

“It is vital that HS2 does not devastate or destroy irreplaceable meadows, ancient woodlands and internationally important wetlands that are home to a huge range of wildlife, from barn owls to butterflies. Green and sustainable transport is vital, but the climate emergency will not be solved by making the nature crisis worse.

 “As HS2 contractors get on with bulldozing and building, the public can help wildlife by being alert to works near them. Contact your local Wildlife Crime officer if you believe HS2 Ltd or contractors are undertaking works without permission. Wildlife Trusts along the route will continue to advise and engage with HS2 Ltd locally.”

Sure, if HS2 is finished or HS3 is finished it might improve infrastructure, create jobs and bring the North closer to the South, but it is a big IF!

Living in the HS2 heartland in Beaconsfield hasn’t helped. For the past decade or so, the locals have been campaigning against this absurd project, as it will go quite literally through their back gardens of their very large houses. I fear it is too late for them to make HS stop.

PS, I don’t own a large house with a very large garden.

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