MAM: Get breakfast done

So he did it. A landslide Conservative win by Mr Johnson, despite canvassing from actor Hugh Grant in Beaconsfield. Comrade Corbyn obliterated and so the Labour Party. The Liberal Democrat leader losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

Hugh Grant

I have opted for a picture of Hugh Grant, rather than Mr Johnson in despair. In my constituency – Chesham & Amersham there was little point voting for anyone other than the Tories due to our MP Cheryl Gillian serving the constituency since 1992. She achieved 40.1% majority – 22,140 seats. There was a slight increase in support for the Liberal Democrats, but it hardly touched the sides.

For one moment, in the general election campaign, I thought Hugh Grant might be our MP, but sadly he was just supporting an independent candidate Dominic Grieve in the adjacent constituency of Beaconsfield.

So in my post-election analysis, a lot of people up North voted Tory – surprisingly, which I didn’t see coming. Apparently, Mr Johnson is the new “Mrs Thatcher”, who would have thought it? Loving the diversity in this picture (his new MPs, see below).

Source: Reuters

The Conservative landslide is also good for investors – property shares and the Pound made initial gains on December 13. Buy-to-let landlords were temporarily relieved also that Comrade Corbyn hadn’t been voted in and their properties re-distributed to their tenants! So far so good. Next stop is getting (you know what done).

Happy Christmas to you all!

To those who are still in the country and have not already jetted off to the Maldives, Mauritius, Egypt or Dubai….

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