MAM: General Election fear and loathing (in the Home Counties)

We are going to have the second general election in two years in an attempt to break the Brexit deadlock. A strategy, I think was previously employed by former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May quite unsuccessfully and caused her to lose her majority in the House of Commons, rather than increase it. I think that was her intention? God knows.

As a middle aged 45 year old. I am of course worried about the prospect of a “Communist” Corbyn government. Who might, abolish private schools – hooray! re-distribute wealth to the masses – hooray! tax all inheritances over £125,000 – hooray! And also eat the rich! (I made that last election promise up).

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader

There have been threats from “jews” who will leave the UK, if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister according to the Sunday Telegraph, the super-rich will also escape on their private jets according to the Guardian and sadly if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, the Spectator’s Rod Liddle will still be Rod Liddle.

Is this talk of a Corybn Labour government, just scaremongering by the right wing press? Or is Corbyn a serious threat to Boris Johnson? In the polls, the Conservatives lead by +8 points but that is not very much, Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats are a close third and the other political parties – Green, Independent, Brexit not far behind. Roll on December 12.

I will leave you with a picture of Robert Lindsay as Citizen Smith for those old enough to remember this BBC TV comedy.

Robert Lindsay pic credit: wikipedia

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